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Naughties(Ryan/Summer)#22: Because they had the best hug on the show

Ryan and Summer

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Shipper list

We didn't had a shipper list, so I thought I'll start one
6. Caliina
7. XOPrincessSummXO
8. eyelash wishes.
9. [vanessa<3]
10. Shadowgirl17
11. Jaime Bee
12. 4biddenluv
13. Bella Grint
14. brooke80
15. Leyton_Lover24
16. Crystal_Scott
17. Mischalicious
18. Starryeyesxx
19. njbrc
20. Sweetgirl465
21. Twilight_Fan26
22. swedish_girl80
23. B.Chambers
24. loveslullaby
25. bengirl25
26. grahad8
27. ant31
28. ManhattanBabe
29. Calgaryfan2006
30. quin611
31. Didi
32. bickering love
33. stlavin95

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Made by:Michal

Wishing For Friction

Future title ideas:

Because problems with anger management is something they had in common
Because Summer always knows when Ryan is lying

Previous threads:

Ryan and Summer-So wrong it's right
Naughties (Ryan/Summer)#2:Because she came back for him
Naughties (Ryan/Summer)#3:Because she gave him a bunny
Naughties (Ryan/Summer)#4:Because he's not an Atwood or a Cohen, he's her "Chino"
Naughties(Ryan/Summer)#5:B/C even though Marissa was her BFF she sided with Ryan!
Naughties(Ryan/Summer)#6: Because Ryan was more important to her than the environment!
Naughties(Ryan/Summer)#7:Because they both can throw a Punch
Naughties(Ryan/Summer)#8: Because they have the best eye sex ever!
Naughties(Ryan/Summer)#9: Because Chino is making her vibrating at a high frequency
Naughties(Ryan/Summer)#10: Because they both have a punching bag in their rooms
Naughties(Ryan/Summer)#11: Because he chased and carried her on his arms at the beach
Naughties(Ryan/Summer)#12: Because He's wounded. She can save him!
Naughties(Ryan/Summer)#13: Because Ryan should have been the one with the Summer Flu!
Naughties(Ryan/Summer)#14: Because they are environmentally friendly
Naughties(Ryan/Summer)#15: Because they're too hot to deny.
Naughties(Ryan/Summer)#16: Because they were the show's biggest miss!
Naughties(Ryan/Summer)#17: Because Ryan couldn´t lie in front of Summer
Naughties(Ryan/Summer)#18: Because they both have great hair
Naughties(Ryan/Summer)#19: Because they have a thing about him following her orders
Naughties(Ryan/Summer)#20: Because we wonder what would have happened if they were a couple
Naughties(Ryan/Summer)#21: Because they need to work together again

Made by:starryeysxx

Made by:starryeysxx



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