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Originally Posted by Redlight-Electr0 (View Post)
I hope they stay to #10 for awhile! They deserve to get more recognition a bit overseas.

IKR? Their voices combined all together makes the song more beautiful and emotional. Heck, I still tear up when I watch the music video!

Yes, I love that part as well! Perrie has such a beautiful voice. I love her highnotes as well in the prechorus before that line!

I LOVE that magazine cover! They look SO gorgeous in it. Especially Jade! Gaah, I wish I lived in the UK!

Thanks for adding me!
the video got taken down I don't know why. maybe it was never meant to be available in the first place. I'm glad I snatched it up while I could

that song. hitting us straight in the feels

her voice is flawless and it's impressive that they all have amazing voices and all get the opportunity to show it

I wish that also my eyes don't even know where to look on that magazine! so much pretty.

no problem

Originally Posted by DUHsoTK (View Post)
Damn it Rae, you've got the song stuck in my head

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YAAAAAY!!!! adding you!

Originally Posted by acoustichearts (View Post)
gorgeous cover add me?

loving wings
I'm so happy to see you here! adding you now!

such a bamf song
is the revolution...

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